By selecting the Bellavance group, you join a dynamic team that stands out by offering advantageous conditions as well as a stimulating work environment focused on collaboration, where innovation and continuing education are strongly encouraged. We aim to develop a team that reflects our values, rich in talent and diversity. Why not work together to develop the building inspection industry by promoting best practices?


Items to include:

  • A presentation letter answering our questions:
    • What motivates you to work with us?
    • Why does this position represent the logical next step in your career?
    • Give us 3 concrete examples that demonstrate that you would be the ideal person for this position?
  • A copy of your resume in Word or PDF format.

None of the positions currently posted match your professional aspirations?

Still send us your application to show us your interest, give us an overview of your skills and show us how you could contribute to the development of the company and make a real difference within our team.

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