Choisir un inspecteur en bâtiment Montréal


A property inspection is an essential step in deciding regarding the purchase, sale, or renovation of a home. It is therefore important to choose the resource that will support you in this process.

First make sure that the inspector is trained in building inspection from a well-established institution and is a member in good standing of a recognized association. Regulations will change in Quebec, and inspectors will soon have to comply with them to be covered by professional insurance and thus protect consumers. At Bellavance, we ensure that all our inspectors meet these standards. Choosing a building inspector who has these prerequisites assures you that he will be able to deal with any eventuality and that he will be familiar with industry standards and practices, especially since he is required to follow continuing training to maintain your skills. Before choosing your home inspector, ask them what is included in the inspection to adjust your expectations. This will allow you to better understand industry standards and be better informed about the elements that will be observed during your property inspection.

It is just as important to choose an inspector with whom you feel confident, who can answer all your questions and clearly explain the observations made during the inspection. Before choosing your inspector, make a phone call to get a first impression. Indeed, although it is possible to make an appointment reservation online, it is strongly recommended to call an inspector directly to establish initial contact. Make sure to ask them questions about the services offered and see if they can answer them easily and simply. Then, if it suits you and you appreciated the communication, check if their next availability is within a reasonable time frame.

One last piece of advice before making your choice: the building inspector is there to help you understand the condition of your property and subsequently make an informed choice. If you are unsure, turn to a trusted professional who is committed to meeting all your service needs and who will be able to support you in the process.

At Bellavance, we have several inspectors who can help you and who carry out their work conscientiously. We respect high standards in terms of services and expertise in building inspection. We also favor a more human approach to remain attentive to your needs. Our competitive offer ensures that we are among the industry leaders in Quebec, to better serve you.

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