Evaluate value for money from a Montreal building inspector


Your property is an important investment. Choosing a qualified building inspector means choosing a person who takes the time to observe your property in detail, who has the right work tools, who will answer your questions and provide you with valuable advice on maintenance. It will cost you a little more, of course, but you will be assured of a job well done. Rely on meticulous inspectors who will observe all the components of your home without rushing.

The price of the inspection will depend on the number of items to be checked and the time allocated to do so. Do not hesitate to ask us how long the inspection will take and what the service deadlines will be. Although the excitement of the market currently requires a rapid response, do not neglect the importance of a well-done inspection, even if it takes more time to do and write up. You can then expect a quality, certified inspection report that will accurately reflect the condition of your building.

Following an inspection, a report will be given to you. This is an official document which will assist you in the maintenance of your home. It is advisable to choose a professional home inspector who will provide you with a detailed report including photos and clear explanations. Ideally, there should be maintenance tips and warnings on what to look out for. Your report should serve as a reference document for maintaining your building in good condition in the future.

In summary: you must pay the right price for the quality of the services offered and the writing of a clear and complete report!

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